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Here are a few images of beautiful Laura from Texas where she’s undergoing treatments at the Dr. Burzynski clinic.


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  • Mrs Dehaas

    Laura, I love these pictures We cannot wait to see you. All of your friends and teachers at St Joseph miss you very much. Il fait tres foid ici et il neige. Joyous noël. Bigs hugs to you, mommy and daddy. Xoxoxo

    • Julia

      Hi Laura
      It’s Julia
      I don’t know if you will remember me but I am from your school. I can not wait to see you again. You are so cute.

  • Etty

    Laura you are beautiful babe!!!! Can’t wait for you to come home !!!

  • Mrs. Robinson

    Hello Laura,
    I wonder if you remember me. I remember you! I was your JK teacher at Father Fredrick McGinn. You have grown so much since I last saw you. I’d love to come visit you when you come home! Sending you a big hug, Mrs. Robinson

  • Shannon

    Hello Sweet Laura,
    You wouldn’t remember me, because I last saw you when you were very little. I love your pictures!!!
    I love animals also especially cats. I would love to see you when you get home. Sending you the biggest hug xo
    Peace and love

  • Boleslaw Nowosad with family from Poland

    Dear Friends of Janusz, Mira and Laura,
    We are shocked over Laura’s illness. One question, almost like obsession still comes to my mind: why? Why? why so young?, such beautiful little girl suffers from such serious disease.
    I want to talk about our pain but I cannot find right words to describe what we all feel… I know that my brother Janusz and Mira will do anything to save my niece’s life and we are going to support them. I understand that our lives are so fragile but Laura is far too young. She rather should be having fun being a child and not being so sick. Especially in this moment of our life we see how important our friends are. We are amused how Janusz and Mira’s friends help them in this hard time of their live. It is amazing how many people are tender-hearted. It helps to feel peace that Mira, Janusz and Laura being so far away from us are surrounded by so many wonderful people in Canada and U.S.A. We know that all of us are touched by Laura’s story so on behalf of our family I would like to give to all of You acknowledgement for your heart, your prayers and also financial donations. All of that is really important for Janusz, Mira and their daughter Laura at this very difficult time of their live especially knowing that they are not alone.
    Laura, Mira and Janusz you are in our prayers and thoughts. We are strongly believe that Good God will show mercy upon you all.
    God bless,
    Janusz’s brother Boleslaw and Family

  • Mme August

    Merry Christmas Laura. Thinking of you and your family today. Hope Santa was good to you:)

  • Alessandra & Mikayla

    Hi Laura,
    We hope you feel better soon. We miss you so much and wish you were back home. Be strong and never give up!
    We know you can fight this! See you soon Laura and Happy New Year!
    Alessandra and Mikayla

  • Marta Galvis

    Dear Laura,
    You don’t know me. Your mom might remember me, she teaches my son Danny at the FFM daycare. You are the bravest girl I know, we are praying for your fast recovery, a warm salute to your mom and dad and we will be doing what we can to help you. A big hug from new friends from Richmond Hill.
    Danny, Juan and Marta.

  • Julia Prochilo

    hi Laura and parents
    I was wondering if you can tell us something about if you know when you are coming back everyone misses you and want you all to come back soon

  • Cassandra

    Hi Laura u probably dont remember me but everyone misses u so very much and we really want you to come back to your home I really hope to see you soon but until then we will be praying for you and your family

  • Novello family

    Hi Laura and family,
    Our thoughts and prayers continue as you are always in our hearts. Gabriel misses you dearly and wants to send his love and many hugs. We can’t wait to see you. With love your neighbour
    the novello family

  • Etty

    Laura ! I miss you terribly and pray for u everyday sweet heart ! I check regularly in hopes of a positive update from u your mom and dad !!!
    Hope you are getting better and can’t wait to see u

  • Gina

    Hello Laura!! We (Sophia W) and her family want to send you a big warm hug! Praying and keeping you in our hearts.
    Stay strong – you are a precious brave big girl.
    Lots of love sweetheart!!!