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We created this site in order to keep everyone informed about Laura and her Journey.

Laura’s Parish has started collecting donations on her behalf.

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  • Lisa Pettinelli

    My name is Lisa, my son Victor-Joseph has been a classmate of Laura’s for the last two years. He would come home from school with mentions that Laura was his friend and liked her very much.
    I empathize with the parents and the agony they are enduring during this hardship.
    I wish to express my thoughts and prayers to the family of Laura. I ensure that I will help the school and the parish to do what I can in helping to raise funds to help with this alternative treatment for Laura.
    Myself and my family as well as friends are praying for the family and Laura that these treatments will help her.
    May God Bless this child.
    Lisa Pettinelli

  • Etty

    Laura is a sweet little girl and everyone who knows her understands exactly what I mean. I am very fortunate to have been able to meet Laura and watch her blossom. She deserves the very best and is getting it at the centre she is at. We need to keep the donations coming and pray and always think positive.
    Laura sweety we are thinking about you and your mom and dad daily and are doing everything we can to help. Never stop praying. I believe Laura will be back home and this nightmare will come to an end. I am thinking about you and praying for you and your mom and dad. Be strong and brave as u always are.
    Please please help and donate
    Any donation makes a HUGE difference.
    We love you Laura!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    It was a couple of years ago that Laura was in our room at the daycare. Laura is a beautiful, intelligent and funny little girl. I remember she always use to draw the most beautiful pictures in class. She is an awesome drawer!! I must add she is the prettiest Princess out there:)

    A day, an hour or even a minute doesn’t go by that I don’t think of Laura, Mira and Janusz. We are doing as much as we can to raise the most amount of money for this family. Laura deserves nothing but the best and I believe where she is right now she is getting it.

    Please, Please, Please DONATE!!

    Laura you are in my prayers. Keep strong and keep on fighting…I know that you are a brave little girl.

    I cant wait to see you at the finish line!!
    We love you very much!!
    Miss Vanessa

  • Vanessa

    To Laura

    Miss. Vanessa here!!

    I have seen you grow up into a beautiful, smart and energetic young girl. There are so many families in your community that are sticking behind you and your family and praying. Your support system is priceless.

    Laura, you are a brave girl and I know that you will come out of this and we will see you in a couple of months!

    I cant wait to see you at the finish line babes!
    We Love you very much!!

    Please donate as much as you can. Even if its a small amount it doesn’t matter. This family needs as much help as they can get

    God Bless

  • Maribel

    Hello first of all we want to let you know that Laura is in our prayers, Alessandra and her were very good friends last year at St. Joseph Aurora we are really sorry about the situation :( our family is with you, my husband has sent the link of your website to all his friends and customers around the city and most of them will donate for this cause hopefully it can help and we will do all we can to raise even more.

    Falco Family

  • Trudel Family

    It feels like just yesterday Laura lit up FFM daycare with her beautiful smile and cheerful personality. She is adored by all!
    Laura, you have touched all of our hearts. You & your family are in our prayers and we await for you to come home.

    Luc, Donna, Jessica & Nicolas

  • St. Joesph's Kids Club

    Laura was in our after school program last year, even though it was only for a short time we were glad we got to know her and her family. She always had a beautiful smile and enjoyed the many activities offered. I am praying for you Laura and your family and may the Lord bless you and heal you:)

    Love Miss. Katja

  • The Boltryk Family

    Dear Janusz, Mira and Laura,

    It is extremely heart breaking to hear about the hardship your family is currently faced with. Even though you are so far away from all of us, remember that our thoughts and prayers are with you all the time.

    Keep on fighting for Laura, and try to be strong and supportive for each other. Remember that on this side of the border you have friends that are standing behind you and will try their best to help.

    God Bless You,

    Monika and Peter Boltryk with Family

  • Shannon

    Hello Laura mom and dad! It’s Shannon again, I forgot to mention Laura that I know u from father Fredrick child care. I always had a spot in my heart for your mom, she is STRONG just like I know you are. Never stop fighting! I believe in miracles and strongly believe in angels and that they are lookinh out for you. Zoey and I are praying for u long with my friends and family. Love is powerful. Love Shannon and Zoey xo