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December 16, 2013

To All our Friends,

Laura, our little daughter, is our world.  She is the one we always wanted to have and share our lives with. Laura gives us happiness, joy, energy, and strength for every single day like any child for any parent. She is the reason why we work, why we dream; simply to live our lives. Unfortunately, our little daughter’s horrible sickness has changed our lives forever; however we do not give up on our and Laura’s dreams for the future. We do not give up because we are, most of all, humans and we have faith and hope and love. We are so overwhelmed by the support our family is receiving from our church, our colleagues, our friends, our community, our neighbors, our family and people who we never met. 

Thanks to all people like You, thanks to your LOVE for our little daughter, we feel stronger. This gives us the courage to never stop fighting for Laura and gives us faith that Laura will be back in our arms where she belongs and deserves to be. We, as her parents, need to protect her and take care of her as we promised to God and Laura when she was born. Also on the day of her Baptism we as her parents promised to God to teach her to think, to love, to work and to pray and we are continuously doing this. Because of that, she fully trusts that  we and the Doctors will do anything to help her soon so she can go back home to her school and her friends, whom she misses the most of all.

We could not simply stay home and cry (as you can only imagine how much we did upon hearing about Laura’s prognosis back in Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto), and watch the sickness take over Laura. We understood that we need to act fast.  So, because of our FAITH we came to a place which gave us HOPE and a treatment for Laura’s condition, which is a very serious one. Also your love and our love gave Laura the chance to face the sickness and fight back for her LIFE. Dr.Burzynski Clinic is the place which is not afraid to help people like us deal with the D.I.P.G. but most of all they have some positive facts in dealing with D.I.P.G. To find more please visit: The Burzynski Clinic

Laura right now takes a therapy called Experimental Target Therapy the only one available at this moment but we hoping for ANP (ANTINEOPLASTON THERAPY) medication which is the best treatment for D.I.P.G and is proven that is very promising. Unfortunately for us, this life saving therapy is under hold by the F.D.A. in U.S. and not known in CANADA  but we are hoping that the F.D.A. will open up their heart, at least on compassionate grounds, for Laura and will let us have access to ANTINEOPLASTON THERAPY very soon because we do not have much time left. This is the only Christmas Gift we are asking for this beautiful season.

Of course nothing will stop us from fighting for Laura’s life. Once again, we strongly believe and hope that together, because of our love for Laura, we can save her life and any one else in the future. We would like to say thank you to everyone and each of you for opening your hearts and minds for our child and us her parents.

Please God bless us and your Families and Each of You. With God and love Laura’s parents, Mira and Janusz and especially Laura herself.

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  • Gabriela

    Laura, Mira And Janusz.
    We have you in our daily thoughts and prayers and we faithfully hope for a miracle for beautiful Laura!

    Karina sends all her love and best Christmas wishes to her dear friend!!!

    God bless.

  • Etty

    Laura, I want you to know I think about you everyday not a day goes by that I don’t pray for u !!!! I can’t wait to hug u and put this all behind !!!! I know this day will be very soon. I miss you dearly as well as your mom

    Mira be the strong lady I know that u truly are, never give up and fight for that beautiful little girl. I want you to know that we are thinking about all of u
    I check the website hourly in hopes of some update ! Laura is beautiful in her pictures!!!

    We are waiting to hear some positive news from you all
    Janusz you are doing an amazing job taking care of your girls you are all blessed to have one another

    I’m sending so much love,hugs and prayers

    We hope to hear from you guys very soon.
    Love always
    Etty,Daniel and Avi

  • Julia and Jarek Przybylo

    Kochana Miro i Januszu,

    Dowiedzieliśmy się o tej smutnej sytuacji zdrowotnej Laury od Anety i Andrzeja. Wierzymy, że Laura pokona chorobę i że za niedługo będziecie mogli podzielić się dobrymi wiadomościami. Wspieramy Was z całych sił i życzymy Wam i Laurze dużo zdrowia…abyście mieli dużo wytrwałości w walce z chorobą i się nie poddawali. Codziennie nie zapominamy o Was i Laurze w modlitwie.

    Wasza siła walki powinna być wzorem dla innych. Miro i Januszu, jesteście naprawdę dzielni! Pamiętajcie, że macie wspaniałych, oddanych i wypróbowanych przyjaciół i przede wszystkim siebie nawzajem! Ważne, gdy w takich chwilach jest przy Tobie ta druga połowa i cały czas cię wspiera.

    Bądźcie dzielni! Modlimy się by wszystko skończyło się pomyślnie.

    Pozdrawiamy Was i Laurę seredcznie!

    Trzymamy kciuki! Mocno!!!

    Julia i Jarek Przybylo

  • Danusia Przybylo

    Droga Miro i Januszu,

    Anetka i Andrzej opowiedzieli mi o tej bardzo bolesnej dla Was sytuacji. Wiem jak bardzo jest Wam ciezko, ale musicie byc silni i wzajemnie sie wspierac w tych trudnych chwilach. Jestescie wspanialymi rodzicami, a Laura jest piekna, madra dziewczynka i trzeba walczyc o jej zdrowie, zeby mogla pokonac chorobe i znowu zyc normalnie; cieszyc sie kazdym dniem. Zycze Wam duzo sil, wytrwalosci i pamietajcie, ze nie jestescie sami, macie wokol duzo przyjaciol, ktorzy wspieraja i modla sie za Was. Trzeba tylko wierzyc i miec nadzieje, ze wszystko bedzie dobrze i jest w rekach Boga, a my jestesmy z Wami. Zycze Wam i Laurze duzo zdrowia, wytrwalosci, sily i szybkiego powrotu do domu.

    Pozdrawiam i sciskam Was mocno,

  • Rosemary, Madalyn Sienna and Joe

    We are praying for you daily. My class surprised me this Christmas with several large donations to Laura. I was left speachless and with restored faith in humanity. Laura we miss you and hope you get better quickly.
    The Bianchi family
    Sienna, Madalyn , Rosemary, and Joe

  • Julia Prochilo

    Dear Laura,
    I don’t know if you remember me from St. Joeseph’s school. Me and my friend Sydney would play with you all the time last year. We are doing everything we can to help you and your family. Everyone hopes you get better soon because we all miss you. Your parents are the best because they are doing everything they can to help you and make you feel better so you can come back to your amazing community and your school and class full of teachers and students who all miss you very much.