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An MRI was done on December 20th and showed that the tumour did not grow, which is hopefully a good sign that it’s not getting worse. Another MRI is scheduled for the end of January. We will keep you posted as we receive more information.

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  • Amelie Sanchez

    Hi Laura, this is Amelie from your St. Joseph class. Everyone in our class misses you so much. How is your treatment going? I hope you can soon come back and bring us great news. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year. Oh, by the way, I have a new baby brother, called Sebastian, he was born 5 minutes before New Year’s! I was sharing this with the class yesterday when school started. How is the weather in Houston? We have been freezing in Aurora lately, -37C last night!

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Grayson butler

    Hi Laura:
    It’s Grayson from your class last year.
    I hope you are feeling better. My family and I have been thinking about you a lot and doing what we can to try and support you. I have been worried about you and hope that you are still feeling happy sometimes.
    How was Christmas and new years in Houston?
    We are looking forward to your benefit concert this week.
    We all hope to see you back home soon,

  • Annmarie

    Hi Laura,

    We don’t know you, but we saw your page with your picture and your story. We are sorry that you are sick right now. I have six children and we will pray for you to get well very soon. We are glad you are going to Dr. Burzynski. We have heard good things about him. We are also praying for two other girls that are sick with cancer right now. One is seven and her name is Amy and the other girl is 18 and her name is Mackenzie. I’m sure they would appreciate it if you prayed for them as well. I hope your mommy and daddy will read to you from the Bible because God’s word can give us faith.

    God Bless you,
    Mrs. Annmarie Kampf

  • The Matelski kids

    Hello Laura!

    We are Krystian, Dominik, Ewelina and Anita from your parish in Scarborough Our Lady Queen of Poland. Every night, our family prays for you – that you will feel better and that you will be healed. We send our love, our thoughts and our prayers your way! We hope you can return to Canada and be able to receive treatment here. May Jesus bless you! -the Matelski kids : )

  • Jolanta

    Hi Laura,
    I don’t personally know you, but a friend send me an email regarding your story. I have been deeply touched and I just want to wish you fast recovery and lots of health.!!! I will pray for you and your family . You are a beautiful girl and please stay positive . BIG HUGs..
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! love Jolanta and Jessica

  • Ela Szczepaniak

    Sloneczko kochane!Trzymaj sie ,modlimy sie za Ciebie i twoje zdrowko oraz za twoich Rodzicow,niech Bog da im sile i wiare ,ze wszystko bedzie dobrze!!